1st Classical Music Hack Day


Please find during the period of

1st Classical Music Hack Day

the following IT services at your disposal:


There are hack-islands in the premises providing routers and LAN-cables to connect to the local network and to the internet.
On top of that you can access the WLAN network "mdw" as user "ClassicalHack" using the passphrase "note404" (encryption: WPA2).

more infos for connecting with WLAN: WLAN-ClassicalHack.pdf

shared folder ("Shared-Ordner")

For a quick data exchange and for API-data of companies a shared folder is provided.
The shared folder is made available via "afp://fs-cmhd.mdw.ac.at" for Mac users and as "cifs://fs-cmhd.mdw.ac.at" for Windows and Linux. Again the credentials are "ClassicalHack" with passphrase "note404".
The folder "_StudioConcert" holds as of Saturday the raw data of the recordings of the StudioConcert. In the particular company's folder APIs and corresponding details can be made available.
These mentioned folders provide but read only access. Please use the folder "_DropBox" to create your personal folders in order to exchange data with other participants or to save personal data there.


the best wiki to use for such a hack day, find us here: Hackathon Classical Music Hack Day


Christa Perschy
Mail: perschy@mdw.ac.at
Phone: +43 (1) 71155 - 7442

In case of further questions or problems please contact the on-site ZID technicians.